BeCompetent is a competency management system that provides a framework for individual competency. Train employees, manage learning plans, and reduce risk across the organisation.

What is Competency Management?

Core competencies apply to everyone in your organisation while key job competencies identify the abilities required for success and high performance in a particular role.

Competency management ensures employees have a clear framework of skills, knowledge and abilities that they must meet to fulfill their job expectations and contribute to the company's success. This framework makes it easier for HR to recruit new employees, and for those new hires to succeed in their job.

The Benefits of Competency Management

Cultivating organisational and job-specific competencies helps your organisation and employees succeed. Core competencies also help define your culture, establish your competitive differentiators, and ensure that your organisation has consistent performance standards for employees.

But competencies shouldn't be set in stone. Periodically revisit your list of competencies and definitions to ensure they still reflect your needs and support your strategy. This is especially important if your organisation or industry experiences a major shift that impacts the competitive landscape.

Keys for success

Core competencies and job-specific competencies help define what makes an organisation competitive and successful. To ensure your competency framework is effectively supporting your organisation, contact us for best-practice resources, and competency evaluation forms and templates. We provide complete Competency Management consulting services.

How it Works

  1. Manage Your Organisation

    Use the organisational chart to provide an at-a-glance view of every location, department, role, and individual in the company.

  2. Develop Your Workforce

    Use a variety of completion methods to satisfy your competency requirements and expectations from learning plans defined in your LMS, based on job roles.

  3. Build Competency Models

    Identify the competencies, skills, qualifications, and attributes employees need for a comprehensive learning and development program, and then fulfill each requirement accordingly.

  4. Publish Reports and Analytics

    Run reports to analyze and address your organisation's progress. Our Competency Management System Reports include a skills matrix, current risks, and competency gaps.

Key Features

BeCompetent provides necessary tools to identify "at risk" personnel in your organisation so that you can take timely action to mitigate risks.

Mouse over on each feature to read the description.

Key Featuresssss

BeCompetent provides necessary tools to identify "at risk" personnel in your organisation so that you can take timely action to mitigate risks.

Mouse over on each feature to read the description.

  • Organisation Job Roles
    Organisation Job Roles

    Ability to define and capture accurate Job Titles, Job Descriptions and Job Roles for all positions within the organisation.

  • Job Role Details
    Job Role Details

    Ability to define clear Job Role details that can be mapped to performance indicators.

  • Learning Plans
    Learning Plans

    Ability to create detailed road map for learning experiences designed to achieve outcomes as required for any Job Role.

  • Competency Library
    Competency Library

    Ability to define detailed competencies and competency-levels that support the knowledge, skill and performance matrix of the organisation.

  • Compliance Framework
    Compliance Framework

    Ability to define structured set of guidelines that details an organisation's processes for maintaining accordance with established regulations, specifications or legislation.

  • Job-Based Assessment
    Job-Based Assessment

    Ability to define and assess learners to identify competency and compliance for a specific Job Role.

  • Job Role Report
    Job Role Report

    Data and charts showing available competent and compliant resource for any job role across the organisation.

  • Dashboards

    Organisational and learner dashboards showing key performance indicators facilitating rapid decision making.